Lorusso Arte, a short biography of a long journey.

Italy holds 70% of the world’s cultural heritage. The Italian situation with regard to cultural activities related to contemporary art is special because it paid derisory public private initiative more active around the world occidentale.Si must in fact a network of microstructures formed by the diffusion of private galleries current. The tunnels are to be considered in any context of cultural intermediaries that, even in difficult situations such as that of southern Italy, had the task of providing information to produce culture, to form a taste for contemporary art.

In this context, the mid-80s, is part of the activities of the Lorusso Art and Design Gallery.

Lorusso Art and Design Gallery was one of the first in Italy to organize events that present design works alongside works of art. The first event of this kind was “The design meets art” in April 1983 with the architect Roberto Pamio and the painter Emilio Tadini. In November 1983, in collaboration with the Studio Marconi in Milan, are on display 26 Etchings of Picasso.

Follow the “Aphorisms” of the designer Antonia Astori. The focus of the Lorusso Art and Design Gallery against the design reaches a large target with the presence of Achille Castiglioni in December 1986.

Different events such as book presentations Raffaele Nigro, Francesco Giorgino or debates like the one on bio-architecture will support exhibitions of considerable interest in an organic program opened in January 1991con the exhibition “Humus” by Gaetano Grillo. In May 1991, showcasing 25 graphic works, including etchings and lithographs by Giorgio De Chirico.
Borek Sipek exhibited his work in December 1991 in the exhibition called “Malastrana.”

In March 1992, the “Great Works” by Mimmo Rotella from the Berlin Museum to be protagonists.

In May 1992 in the exhibition “Works Unique” by Emilio Tadini.

They hold exhibitions of graphic works of the greatest exponents of Pop Art in the European Union, such as Mario Schifano, Valerio Adami, Lucio Del Pezzo, Ugo Medlar and Enrico Baj. In February of 1993, in works of painting and sculpture by Michele Zaza.

In April 1994 it was the turn of an important presentation of works designed by Frank Lloyd Wright , on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the birth of the great American architect .

In March of the same year Charles Fusca exhibits her work in an exhibition entitled ” The ancient metaphor .” In November 1994, the Lorusso Arts participates in the implementation of a major exhibition of Fusca entitled ” The myth, the sea , the heroes ” held in Bari Villa Romanazzi Carducci. In December 1994, the Lorusso Art, in collaboration with the gallery Bonomo, Bari hosts in a group show entitled “Body shade ” the works of Franco Dellerba , Louis Giandonato Iginio Iurilli and Franco Menolascina .
In 1994 he participated in the Expo – Art . In the period 1995-96 deals with the cultural association ” Contemporary ” , setting the goal of promoting the work of artists who operate in the area.

Since 2002 he takes to organize exhibitions at its headquarters dedicated to Gaetano Grillo, Franco Menolascina and Michele Zaza , whose works in this period are also present in important venues in Milan, Rome and Turin.

In 2008, the Contemporary Art Lorusso , in a renovated , houses the exhibition of the Japanese artist Tsuchida Yasuiko . Later he exhibited ” The Codes Minati / exlibri ” Charles Fusca .
In April 2009, the launch of the book The Strange Case of Frederick II of Swabia, M. Brando.

And more:
2009 May, “Not a bad day” by Franco Menolascina.
2009 July, “Hugs” by Gaetano Grillo.
2009 September, “Manologias”, a show by the Festival Castel dei Mondi.
2009 September, “Mesa – soul of the house” Meeting with designer Alfredo Häberli.
2009 November, “Art and Music”, a meeting with the teacher and Tsuchida Yasuiko Federica Fornabaio.
2009 December “Geometrical Games”, architects and designers design their carpet Scandinavian geometries.
2010 May, “Man Ray – The Fifty Faces of Juliet”, photo exhibition by Man Ray in collaboration with the Marconi Foundation in Milan.

Anna Maria Sergio


– Giorgio de Chirico – Opere grafiche
– Emilio Tadini – disegni e opere pittoriche


– Man Ray. The Fifty Faces of Juliet
– Kasthall – Giochi geometrici


– Arte & Musica, incontro con Tsuchida Yasuhiko e il maestro Federica Fornabaio
– Schiffini presenta la cucina Mesa, design by Alfredo Häberli
– Gaetano Grillo – abbracci
– Manologias, spettacolo a cura del Festival Castel dei Mondi
– Franco Menolascina – non è una cattiva giornata


– Fvsca – “I codici minati exlibri”
– Tsuchida Yasuhiko – “PAINTINGS AND SCULPTURES”


– Gaetano GRILLO – “mediterranea-mente”


– Emilio TADINI, “Le figure le cose”, acquerelli.


Carlo FUSCA, “Il mito, il mare, gli eroi”.


– Michele ZAZA, “Opere Uniche”
– Carlo FUSCA, “L’antico come metafora”.
– “I maestri” – Frank Lloyd WRIGHT, in collaborazione con Cassina.


– Rassegna di pittori Andriesi, “L’arte come figurazione”.
– Mimmo ROTELLA, “Opere uniche, acqueforti e serigrafie 1990-1991”.
– Emilio TADINI, “Opere uniche”.


– Mostra collettiva, “Trasfigurazioni”.
– Giorgio DeCHIRICO, “Opera grafica 1969-1977.
– Gaetano GRILLO, “HUMUS”
– Cassina presenta “Segni di casa”, design Francesco BINFARE’.
– Borek SIPEK, per Driade “Aleph – Malastrana – Follies”.


– Roberto PAMIO – Emilio TADINI, “Il design s’incontra con l’arte”
– Pablo PICASSO, “Acqueforti”. In collaborazione con la galleria Giò Marconi
– Antonia Astori, “Aforismi”. Collezione di mobili per Driade


Adami Valerio
Asch Tony
Baj Enrico
Castellani Lucio
Ceroli Mario
Dalì Salvador
De Chirico Giorgio
Defilippi Fernando
Del pezzo Lucio
Dellerba Franco
Dorazio Piero

Fusca Carlo
Giandonato Domenico
Grillo Gaetano
Hisao Chin
Indiana Robert
Iurilli Igino
Laquaniti Renato
Marotta Gino
Menolascina Franco
Munari Bruno
Nag Arnaldo

Nespolo Ugo
Occhipinti Angela
Palma Urano
Pardi Gianfranco
Philips Peter
Piccinni Roberto
Pozzati Concetto
Ramos Mel
Ray Man
Rotella Mimmo
Scanavino Emilio

Schifano Mario
Spoldi Aldo
Sylos labini Giuseppe
Tadini Emilio
Tilson Joe
Tsuchida Yasuhiko
Turcato Giulio
Veronesi Luigi
Warhol Andy
Zaza Michele