Lorusso Art

Breve biografia di un lungo percorso

From the mid-80s, Lorusso Arte e Design became one of the first structures in Italy to organize events that present works of design alongside works of art.


– The first event was “Design meets art” in April 1983 with the architect Roberto
Pamio and the painter Emilio Tadini. In November 1983, in collaboration with Studio Marconi of Milan, 26 Acqueforti by Picasso are on display.

– In 1991 different events and debates on Bioarchitecture with the exhibition “Humus” by Gaetano Grillo and on display, in the same year, 25 graphic works, including engravings and lithographs by Giorgio De Chirico and the exhibition entitled “Malestrana” by Borek Sipek.

– In 1992 the “Great Works” of Mimmo Rotella from the Museum of Berlin and “Works Uniche” by Emilio Tadini.

– In 1993 collective exhibitions of graphic works by major exponents of European Pop Art, such as Mario Schifano, Valerio Adami, Lucio Del Pezzo, Ugo Nespolo and Enrico Baj. In the same year works of painting and sculpture by Michele Zaza.

– In 1994 the works designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the birth of the great American architect. Italy holds about 70% of the world’s cultural heritage and Lorusso Arte is committed to producing culture, training and educate the taste for contemporary art works.