Our story

For four generations, the Lorusso family has carefully selected and promoted only the most important excellence in the world of art and design.

Saverio Lorusso

Saverio Lorusso senior after returning from the war where he had served in the Regiment of the Light Horsemen, opens in Andria his cabinetmaker's shop where he makes fine furniture of refined workmanship.


Brothers Michele and Riccardo

Brothers Michele and Riccardo Lorusso proceed with the work begun by their father Saverio and open a small workshop where they produce the first kitchen cabinets.


kitchen industry

The Fratelli Lorusso modular kitchen industry is born in via Trani in Andria.



The Furniture section of the Fratelli Lorusso is born in the current headquarters in Via Napoli 71, Andria.


Saverio Lorusso

Saverio Lorusso entrusts the setting up of the show room to the interior designer Danilo Favotto, who inserts the first pieces of furniture of high design by Alvar Aalto.


Design and Art

Saverio Lorusso becomes the owner of Lorusso Arredamenti and sets up the company in an innovative way giving ample space to Design and Art.


Design meets Art

After years of research, Lorusso was the first structure to organize events that present pieces of design alongside works of art. The first event of this kind is Il Design si incontra con l'Arte (Design meets Art) of April 1983, which was dealt with by important trade magazines such as Casa Vogue and Interni. Lorusso calls in to photograph the Aldo Ballo showroom in the Ballo + Ballo photographic studio, a point of reference for the most important designers in the most fascinating and lively period of world design.


Studio Marconi

In collaboration with Studio Marconi in Milan, Lorusso is organizing a major exhibition of 26 Picasso's Acqueforti.


Antonia Astori

The designer Antonia Astori presents her Aphorisms with Driade, on that occasion a round table is held entitled Design oggi: nuovi orientamenti (Design today: new orientations) with the participation of historians of architecture and the journalist Cristina Morozzi of Milan who specializes in Design.


Achille Castiglioni

Lorusso's attention to design achieved a great goal with the presence of Achille Castiglioni, who was hosted in December 1986. Castiglioni's fame, then sixty-seven years old, had long since crossed national borders, finding international confirmation. It was one of Castiglioni's very rare visits to Apulia, where the technicians involved had the opportunity to discuss in confidence with a great master.



Lorusso, in collaboration with Arflex, organizes a meeting with the advanced points of European design: the Italian rationalist Zeus group with pieces by Maurizio Peregalli, the Hanover Quartett group which includes Rainer Krause, Matteo Thun, Ettore Sottsass jr and Ugo la Petra and the London group One Off with pieces by Ron Arad, Carolin Thaner and Pet Keene.


Lorusso Arte

Lorusso Arte is born as a cultural laboratory of Lorusso Arredamenti, this event is a further milestone in the history of the company in the field of furniture and design, representing the natural continuity in the search for new trends and styles in a challenging sector such as Art. The laboratory will become a real center of initiatives that will make dynamic a city landscape sometimes too silent.


Mimmo Rotella

The man and the color meeting on Bioarchitecture sponsored by the Order of Architects of the Province of Bari (photo). 1992 Mimmo Rotella : Great Works from the Berlin Museum. Art is confronted with reality through the torn posters of Rotella, the famous decollages that become tools of a new language. Emilio Tadini : Opere Uniche. La Lorusso Arte is interested in the work of some exponents of European Pop Art thanks to the relationship established with the Studio Marconi in Milan. This will be followed by collective exhibitions of graphic works by Mario Schifano, Valerio Adami, Lucio Del Pezzo, Ugo Nespolo and Enrico Baj. In the same years Lorusso Arte turned its attention to some artists of Apulian origin that have distinguished themselves for their research imposing themselves in the national artistic panorama.


Michele Zaza

Michele Zaza : Painting and sculpture. Carlo Fusca : The Ancient as a metaphor.


Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright : on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the birth of the great American architect, Lorusso exhibits copies of the original projects of furniture designed by the master for Cassina. Franco Dell'Erba, Luigi Giandonato, Iginio Iurilli, Franco Menolascina: Corpo all'ombra, collective exhibition in collaboration with Galleria Bonomo in Bari.



Exhibitions of great interest will be accompanied by different cultural events that will be part of an organic program from 1991 until the end of 1995. Gaetano Grillo: Humus pictorial works. Giorgio De Chirico: 25 graphic works selected from the corpus of the Catalogue of graphic works 1969-1977. Borek Sipek : Malastrana . The Prague-born travelling artist presents objects and furniture made of precious materials at the headquarters of Lorusso Arte.


Expo Arte

Expo Arte, Lorusso Arte exhibits with its artists at the important exhibition in Bari.



The Contemporary cultural association is born with the aim of promoting the works of artists who work in the area.



Inauguration of Carlo Fusca's exhibition Il mito il mare gli eroi, with the intervention of the director Pasquale Squitieri



Lorusso opens the first Frau Centre in Italy, owned by a private individual and designed by Studio Vignelli in New York.

2002 – 2007


Lorusso is once again organizing exhibitions dedicated to artists such as Grillo, Menolascina and Zaza, who are now also exhibiting in Rome, Milan and Turin.



May 2008, Lorusso renews its historical headquarters in Via Napoli. Lorusso Arte in a renewed guise hosts the exhibition of the Japanese artist Tsuchida Yasuiko. Carlo Fusca with his Codici Minati. The magazine GDA on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2009 dedicates a great service to Lorusso Arredamenti as best store in Italy. Art and Music , live painting performance with the Japanese artist Tsuchida Yasuiko and the pianist Federica Fornabaio who performs music by SAKAMOTO. Geometric Games, in collaboration with Kastall, architects and designers design their carpet.


Franco Menolascina

Franco Menolascina, Not a bad day, exhibition of paintings and sculptures. Gaetano Grillo , Embraces , paintings and sculptures. Alfredo Haberli presents the Mesa kitchen. The Lorusso in collaboration with the Schiffini hosts the designer of international renown. Art and Music , painting performance live with the Japanese artist Tsuchida Yasuiko and the Piano player Federica Fornabaio. Geometric Games, in collaboration with Kastall, architects and designers draw their stages to.



La Lorusso opens the first store for central and southern Italy of BoConcept, a Danish brand of designer furniture present for 65 years in 250 countries around the world that offers a line of luxury products accessible and attentive to the environmental impact. Man Ray, The Fifty Faces of Jiuliet 1941-1955, the exhibition of fifty photographic portraits retouched by hand that the artist made for his wife, is a great event for the whole territory made possible thanks to the thirty-year collaboration of Lorusso Arte with the Marconi Foundation of Milan, which is one of the greatest collectors of Man Ray. On the occasion of the exhibition of Man Ray the Lorusso organizes in collaboration with the University of Bari a series of interesting conferences held by leading figures of the academic world of Bari as Prof. Pasquale Guaragnella and Prof. Giangiuseppe Barletta.



In 2011 Lorusso celebrates the unification of Italy by painting its shop windows in the colours of the Italian flag. Also in 2011 on the occasion of the Venice Biennale of Puglia organized by Vittorio Sgarbi, Saverio Lorusso invites the participating artists to express themselves in a performance. On the occasion of the event I Cercatori della Verità la Lorusso hosts the journalist Maria Luisa Busi. Alba Parietti dialogues with exponents of literature. Martina Colombari illustrates her charitable work in Haiti. On the occasion of Tadini's exhibition the Lorusso hosts the writer Raffaele Nigro who presents his latest book. In the days of Tadini's exhibition, Lorusso, in collaboration with the association I cercatori della verità, hosts several exponents of the entertainment world such as the director Silvio Muccino, the journalist Maria Luisa Busi, Alba Parietti and Martina Colombari. The Inhabitants of the Museum - Masterpieces in the Museums of the World, in collaboration with the Marconi Foundation of Milan. This new initiative aims to make known to the public works by international artists such as Emilio tadini, Valerio Adami, Enrico Baj, Mimmo Rotella and Lucio Fontana that have been exhibited in major European museums.



Presentation of Tecno products with President Mosconi.



FareDarte, an event in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts of Bari that aims to re-evaluate the manual skills in the creation of the work of art and which brings together teachers and students in the exhibition project to give visibility to young Italian and foreign artists.


20 years of Charles around the world

In 2017, as part of the initiative ``20 years of Charles around the world`` dedicated to the scenographic design of the iconic Charles seating system designed by Antonio Citterio for B§B Italia, Lorusso is among the twenty best installations in the world.



We suggested and provided the furnishings of The Warehouse Hotel in Singapore.


Essential moments

In January 2019- Inner time - in progress ``essential moments of memory in which forcibly removed memories return in many ways and are constituted in the work as poetic elements``. The work Il tempo interiore is a large canvas with a pictorial surface of about fifteen square meters. In the heroic tale suspended in time that has always characterized Fusca's painting, the intense portraits of the Lorusso family are set, starting with the head of the family Saverio who, not without irony, wears the robes of a commander on horseback projected towards the future. It is precisely to the Lorusso family that Carlo Fusca chooses to pay homage with this large canvas to seal his commitment to promoting art and design in the area and his work in support of the many artists of Puglia. In December 2019 an apartment furnished in Paris by Lorusso won second place in a competition among the forty best projects presented by G§G magazine.