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The Sahara rug is born from a contemporary reinterpretation of the Berber rugs of the Nomad dessert tribes on which primitive, rapid and instinctive marks have been drawn. The intent is not decorative, but the production acquires a symbolic harmony that unites space creating a complete connection. The woolly softness of the rug becomes a welcoming place where you can sit, practice sport or observe the outside from a new point of view. TANTRA The Tantra rug stems from the hand loom technique, in which production is carried out on a loom using entirely manual processes. Its geometric pattern, obtained by repeating a simple pattern memorized by the weaver, recalls the rigorous and accurate decorations that can be seen in many Indian temples where colour is used in a formal manner. Available in grey and blue-grey in a yarn made with a mix of viscose and recycled PET.

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Dimensions200 × 300 cm