About Schiffini

Schiffini is known worldwide for its timeless designer kitchen collections, distinguished for their quality, innovation and refined elegance. It is a historic brand of excellence in Italian industry: it is a moment of continuity and solid entrepreneurship between the past and the future, as well as a point of reference for Italian Design, of which Schiffini was one of the first promoters and creators, linking its name to leading exponents of a cultural movement which profoundly affected the years following WWII. Already, towards the end of the 1940s, with their specialisation in kitchen furnishings, Schiffini became the first to offer kitchens made with modular components produced on an industrial scale, anticipating changes in the social framework that would ten years later lead to the birth of Italian Design. Schiffini’s association with Vico Magistretti, one of the Masters of Italian Design, proved vital during this period. This long history has produced many prestigious collections, each distinguished for their construction, materials, dimensions, function and innovative solutions, and all with a common thread of research into new functional concepts and special attention to lifestyle. Concept Design has always characterised Schiffini kitchens, as a conscious decision to not follow passing trends and styles. The starting point of a common trajectory which each time has engendered a major design project and which has proved to be a key success factor for a company that rises to the challenge of the global market, sustained by the continuity of its solid, proven experience, which does not however mean just tradition.


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