Lorusso Arredamenti

Story The Warehouse Hotel. Luxury client from Singapore.

Imagine a dream scenario in a faraway country: an Asian metropolis among the most sought-after tourist destinations and a river whose waters reflect an innovative hotel concept that retains the ancient charm of its original structure. We are talking about a boutique hotel and specifically of “The Warehouse Hotel”, an urban work of recovery of the history of the city of Singapore.

The history of “The Warehouse Hotel” began back in 1895. Given its privileged location on the maritime routes of the Strait of Malacca, it was built along the Singapore River as a base for business travel. At the time it was a hotbed of secret societies, black markets and liquor distilleries.


The unmistakable industrial footprint of the building has been preserved: inside the lobby there is a trussed ceiling from which hang a series of steel wheels, exposed masonry and polished concrete flooring. “The Warehouse Hotel” offers six different types of bedrooms, each designed with the original layout of the building in mind. The fixtures and fittings have been maintained and consolidated, and most of the rooms feature double-height ceilings, wooden floors and sophisticated designer furnishings.

Combining history and culture winking at the concept of design and modern luxury you can, starting from the furniture, recommended and selected by the young Andrian entrepreneur Nicola Lorusso.

An experience associated with intuition and attention to detail, always breathed in the family, which are now recognized and awarded internationally: “The Warehouse Hotel” has several important awards and recognitions including, to name a few, the “Frame Award”, the “President Design Award”, the “Tatler Design Award” and recently also the AHEAD Global Award 2019, an award announced simultaneously in Asia, America and Europe.

In the team of experts who created this jewel of design, we find Nicola Lorusso, who managed to transfer his “know-how” to the famous international architectural firms involved in the project.

“I am honored to have contributed to the success of this project that represents for me the continuity of that tireless work of research that my family has always carried out and that has managed to transfer me – comments Nicola Lorusso – I grew up among products designed by Achille Castiglioni, Vico Magistretti and Gaetano Pesce. I have always lived and still live today surrounded by iconic pieces from the history of Design and the works of art in our Gallery, among which I was culturally trained and which allow me today to appreciate and select the products that will be used in my future design proposals”.


A goal for Nicola Lorusso?

“Rather a starting point. Thanks to which we can safeguard the entrepreneurial activity made in Italy and the importance that we attach to the choice of certain designs, details, materials and above all the authenticity of the products, which has always distinguished our company mission. I inherited from my father Saverio the passion for the research of those elements that make a product destined to be timeless and I hope to be bold, as he has been in his history, in making my interlocutors understand that I am not facing simple “furniture” but real “masterpieces”.

I represent the fourth generation of my family who decide to dedicate their lives to the world of design. I therefore have the honor and responsibility to guide prestigious clients in the choice and selection of those products that will characterize their environments for the next decades”.

Furnishing is an art: Lorusso Arredamenti knows this well. For almost half a century it has been dealing with iconic products that continue to write the history of design and are celebrated, as true works of art, in the most important museums of contemporary art.